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【CLC Announcement】TCUST Chinese Public Speaking Competition


TCUST Chinese Public Speaking Competition

  • 宗旨:藉由華語朗讀比賽,透過不同方式學習華語,提升外籍學生學習華語的興趣,進而強化其華語敘事及口語表達能力。

ObjectiveThis competition is to improve the foreign students' understanding in Chinese language through public speaking. Not only that, it is held to enhance their interest in learning Chinese and strengthen their  narrative and speaking skills.

  • 主辦單位:華語文中心

OrganizerChinese Language Center

  • 參加資格:108學年度以後修習過華語課程之學生

QualificationsStudents who have taken Chinese lessons after the 108th academic year.

  • 比賽時間:110年05月28日(星期五) 晚上18:00

Competition Date2020.05.28 (Fri.) 1800

  • 比賽地點Venue:博雅講堂D106
  • 報名方式Registration Method



Please click on the link above and fill in the application form before 12pm on the 23rd of May (Sunday).

  • 比賽規則:

1.本次比賽參賽者由華語文中心評斷等級,計分Level ALevel B兩組進行,每組至多10人。

The competition is separated into two groups, Level A and Level B, with a maximum of 10 contestants in each group. The contestants will be  arranged by the CLC for the competition group.


2.Level A:每人朗讀以3分鐘為限。2分半鐘到以一次短鈴為提示,3分鐘到鈴響通知請立即停止朗讀。

Level AThe time limit is 3 minutes. A bell will be rung once at 2.5 minutes, then twice at 3 minutes. Contestants should stop speaking when the bell rung twice.

3.Level B:每人朗讀以5分鐘為限。4分鐘到以一次短鈴為提示,5分鐘到鈴響通知請立即停止朗讀。

Level BThe time limit is 5 minutes. A bell will be rung once at 4 minutes, then twice at 5 minutes. Contestants should stop speaking when the bell rung twice.



The order of the contestants for the competition will be drawn at 11:45am on the 24th of May.  CLC will announce it on the website at 12:00pm on 24th of May.



JudgmentPlease introduce yourself in Chinese within 30 to 40 seconds after you come on stage. A bell will be rung once at 30 seconds. After the bell rang at the 40th second, please start to read aloud the article prepared.



During the competition, you can prepare scripts and other props to enhance your performance during the competition.



Please reach and register at 17:40pm sharp on the day of the competition. If you did not register on time, you will be deemed to have forfeited the competition.



After completing the application form, the CLC will notify you about your application and the essay for the competition by email within 2 days. If you did not receive email within 3 days, please contact the CLC via LINE.


  • 評分方式:

1.   華語發音(40%):語音、聲調、流利度。

2.   聲音情感表達 (40%):聲音大小高低、節奏韻律、情感表達等。

3.   舞台表演技巧(20%):肢體動作、台風等。


Chinese pronunciations(40%)Expression(40%)Performance(20%)

If there is a tied score, the final score will be discussed and decided by the judges.

  • 獎勵:


2. 各組參賽者達10名,得設佳作獎1名,頒發獎狀、獎金400元。



Awards per group


the prize money

per group


A certification


First Place

NT $1200


Second Place

NT $800


Third Place

NT $500


Fourth Place

NT $400


  • 注意事項Things to take note


Please fill in the registration form correctly. You are not allowed to use a false name. Violation of any of the rules can result in disqualification. If any reward and certification have been awarded, the organizer may retrieve it and cancel the qualification.



For any rules that are not covered in the regulations of the competition, the organizer will announce them separately. Please pay close attention to the school website and your own school e-mail.


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