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Professor Yi-Kang Feng

Fourth Artist in Residence



Fourth Artist in Residence

Professor Yi-Kang Feng 

Current Position:

Head and Artistic Director, Chinese Cross Talk

Associate professor in the Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University

Associate professor in the Department of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts



Master of Theatre Arts from the School of Arts (now called Taipei National University of the Arts, located in Guandu, New Taipei City)



Feng, who has a graceful bearing on stage, joined the Performance Workshop at an early age and has participated in many collective improvisations. He has played parts in several popular classic works, such as Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, The Night We Became Hsiang Sheng Comedians, The Complete History of Chinese Thought, Crosstalk Travelers, I and Me and He and Him, and Red Sky. In 2008, Feng played the lead in the masterpiece The Village. Drawing on his background of growing up in a military community, he vividly portrayed, both in appearance and voice, an old soldier retreating to Taiwan with the Kuomintang from China, therefore touching the audiences with his performance from the beginning to the end. For many years, Feng continued to play this role and extensively received favorable reviews for his 170 on-stage performances in the north and south of both Taiwan and China.

        Feng, a master of stage performance, rivets attention on the stage and is committed to passing on his rich knowledge and precious experience of stage performances to younger generations. He engages in planning, designing, and implementing various theater arts and culture courses which cover all of the related academic, creative, and practical aspects of the subject. Because of his continuous contributions in creating, performing, publishing, and teaching, he was awarded the Military Golden Reportage Award, the Culture and the Arts Award from Chinese Writer’s & Artist’s Association, the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award, and the Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award.